Community Well-being

From Stress to Strength in the Community

Sarajevo, with Healing Hands Network

We all experience stress in our lives and social support is important in helping get through the tough times. Something special happens when a group of people learn and grow together.

Community group Stress to Strength programmes build resilience and enable people to be more in control of how they feel. They allow the mind and body to be present, balanced and feel safe in the here and now. Programmes are designed to enable and empower individuals and include stress relief tools and techniques for lifetime use. The easy to use techniques enable users to prepare for, cope with and recover from stressful situations. They help make lives better.

Healing Hands Network, BosniaWorkshops are enlightening, informative, experiential, sometimes moving and often great fun. They are tailored to the needs of the group as a whole and individuals within it. The techniques aid a greater feeling of connection and are often shared with family and friends so helping a wider community.

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She found it quite useful using the techniques, while she goes shopping especially after she came from Syria and from the Camps as well. They find it difficult as it is, like coping and stuff.

She learned the breathing technique where she can actually do that anywhere she goes. Taking the children to school, when she’s cooking, when she hears any bad news, anything like that. The gathering of the women as well is relaxing especially after what they’ve been through.

Her sister lost her husband during the war and her children became afraid of most of the things back home in Syria. And she taught her sister all the techniques that have been taught to her, through you, and it was quite helpful. They started to relax whenever they hear bombing around them or they are being in a stressful situation.”

Nidaa, Syrian refugee, after “From Stress to Stress” programme, UK Jun 2018  (interpreted by Syrian volunteer)




When she moved here she was on her own and it was quite stressful for her handling everything. Going to buy some food and even taking her children to school as well, and even staying at home alone was quite stressful. So she is in constant stressful situation all the time. And what, when she goes to buy food, if they speak and she doesn’t understand. It was quite overwhelming. Even going to English classes was quite hard as well. Sometimes she doesn’t understand what has been said to her. She would do the tapping, the breathing and she would start to calm down. Although, some people look at her she didn’t care as all that she wanted to do is just feel calming down. 

She is saying when she speaks with her friends and they are feeling stressful she can just tell them what to do and at the end of the conversation over the phone, they just laugh and do the ‘hahaha’ kind of thing and they’ll be fine.

Ola, Syrian refugee, UK, June 2018 (interpreted by Syrian Volunteer)