EFT Training Courses

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is being used worldwide by professional helpers, in their workplace, in schools, in hospitals, with individuals and whole communities. There is so much more to EFT than the basic tapping technique. Many professionals in the UK have integrated EFT into their practice as an aid in recovery, and management of emotional trauma, PTSD, addictions, phobias, anxiety, chronic pain, belief change and more. With 5 years experience in teaching EFT, and many more in working with groups, my EFT training courses are intensive, enlightening, moving and usually fun.

Details of EFT levels 1/2 Training coming soon!
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An Introduction to
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) +

for Helping and Health Professionals

Are you a heart-centred helping or health professional and would like to add skills to your toolbox to help clients/patients move forward?

This experiential introduction to EFT provides a practical insight into EFT.
During the workshop you will:

  • Find out about the history and principles of EFT
  • Experience and learn EFT basic tapping techniques for self-care
  • Find out how EFT can aid in recovery from PTSD, Addictions, and more
  • Appreciate how EFT may be used to help relieve pain and discomfort
  • Hear how EFT may be taught to clients/patients
  • See a demonstration of The Movie Technique
  • Discover what’s covered in EFT Practitioner Training
  • Understand how to train in EFT and add EFT to your skills
  • Find out about advanced applications of EFT
  • Learn about EFT research studies (including my own research with civilian survivors of war in Bosnia)
  • Hear about advancements in EFT and how its being integrated into mainstream practic
  • Take away a practical tool for self-regulation

Your Investment £35.00

Sat, 8th September, 1.00 – 5.00 pm, Shifnal, Shropshire  £35

(£20 will be discounted from levels 1/2 EFT Certificated course fees if you enrol within 12 months following the introduction to EFT workshop)

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