ME/CFS Awareness – working with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia

An interactive, thought provoking workshop for compassionate, caring helping and health professionals.

Would you like to do more to help your clients/patients with severe symptoms of ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia?

I lived with ever debilitating symptoms of ME for a number of years and have been a family carer for a loved one with ME. It was hard and often overwhelming. I wish I’d known then what I know now, life could have been far more comfortable for us and perhaps the rest of the family too.

This interactive workshop draws on my own experiences and that of the many individual clients I have worked with over the past 10 years, since my own recovery.

You will be guided through a practical look at possible symptoms your client/patient may experience. The workshop is designed to help you think through each possible symptom, what the experience may be for your client/patient and what you may do to help make their lives a little better.

You will understand how making small adjustments in your practice will enable your clients/patients to feel more comfortable and supported by you.

Workshops are adapted to the needs of your organisation and include an introduction to a technique for self-care that may be used anywhere, including while at work.

I thought that this course was extremely helpful as it explained everything in more depth, and made me more aware on the conditions a client could be in. Its given me more advice and help on what to do and how to act around someone with ME.  Its also given me more of an understanding on how the client would feel about certain things – J Bell

I will be able to take some of this information with me when I start caring. The relaxation technique was really good. I’m not scared as much as I was before I came. Thank you.  – D. Wakeley

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